Insteel strives to be the nation's supplier of choice for steel wire reinforcing products for concrete construction applications by delivering superior value to our customers. To achieve this objective, we are committed to providing the highest quality products, competitive prices, prompt and reliable delivery, and highly personalized service. We expect our rigorous pursuit of this objective will generate attractive long-term returns for our shareholders.

The following key principles are essential to our success:

  • We operate in close partnership with our customers and suppliers. Our customers are the focal point of everything we do.
  • We strive to achieve and maintain leadership positions in our markets and operate as the low-cost producer.
  • We maintain a trusting and participative work environment throughout the organization, adhering to the highest standards of ethics, professionalism and excellence.
  • The safety of our people is of paramount importance. We operate highly productive manufacturing facilities and provide exemplary products and service to our customers without compromising the safety of employees.
  • We seek continuous improvement in all of our business processes and activities.
  • We provide our people with the appropriate resources, including training, technology and business infrastructure, that are required to be the supplier of choice to our customers.
  • We continually pursue growth opportunities that further our penetration of the markets that we currently serve or expand our geographic footprint.